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Ferhat MEHENNI, President (Anavad) to Mr. François HOLLANDE | - Your link with Kabylia


Le président de l'Anavad, ©

Le président de l’Anavad, ©

Mr. Mehenni speaks about an
«announced human and ecological disaster» which will have disastrous
consequences on the environment and the public health in kabylia. He
also made sure to outline the fact that France, concerned about its own
interests, forbids the exploitation of shale gases on her own

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Subject : Nullification request of shale gases exploitation contract in Kabylia territorial waters, granted by the algerian military regime to the French company «CGG-Veritas»

Mr. President,

In 2010, after the ecological and human disaster of the
Deepwater-Horizon drilling rig, in the Mexico Gulf, IUCN (International
Union for Conservation of Nature and its resources) put forward a
moratorium forbidding offshore drillings close to inhabited zones. By
emphasizing on the extremely sensitive and vulnerable nature of the
Mediterranean basin, particularly the socio-economic importance of the
natural marine and coastal environment of the Mediterranean sea, this
international organization has reiterated its pressing exhortations
directed at the countries bordering the Mediterranean sea.

For that purpose, the Nature Worldwide conference, met in Jeju, in Republic of Korea, for its session from 6th to15th
of September 2012, through WCC-2012-Rec-174-FR resolution, has
expressly requested from the Mediterranean states to strictly supervise
the politics and projects development of offshore oil exploitation, by :

- refusing
the permits of exploration or gas exploitation, oil or any of other
nature, off the natural sites which have a national or international
importance, if potential impacts and harmful risks are duly identified ;

PARIS ( - In an open letter sent to François Hollande, the president of Anavad, Mr. Ferhat Mehenni,
interpellates the president of French republic to whom he requests «
the nullification of shale gases exploitation contract in Kabylia
territorial waters»; a contract signed between the French company
CGG-Véritas and the algerian state.

- refuse
to grant permits of exploration or gas exploitation, oil or any of
other nature in known and clearly identified seismic or natural risk
zone ;

- However,
still ignoring the recommendations of international organizations, as
usual, the military-Mafioso government of algiers who monopolizes the
huge proved reserves of oil and gas belonging to Sahara peoples,
announced in the end of 2013, to a general surprise, his decision to
carry out his first offshore drilling in Kabylia territorial waters,
offshore the coastal
Vgayet city (ex Bougie).

We do not wish to hold you accountable for large-scale disaster risks
incurred on both ecological and human levels (protection of Kabylian
communities bordering the Mediterranean coasts), through the
exploitation contract which was granted on December 23
2013 by algiers to the company CGG-Veritas (General Company of
Geophysics-Veritas) of French law, we take the liberty, on behalf of
kabylian people, to interpellate you on an announced human and
ecological disaster.

In fact, it appeared to our experts that the implementation of
dangerous exploitation operations of these offshore deposits could
generate major impacts and really presents real hazards on human and
ecosystem lives at a very large-scale. A major disaster of such extent,
if it happens, France will be committed and directly hold accountable.
Moreover, the French state would not ignore its moral and material
responsibilities inherent in disastrous consequences, uncontrollable,
that the implementation this contract would cause.

Mr. president,

Due to the fact that the Kabylian people still has not his own
official institutions, internationally recognized, to even efficiently
watch over the protection of his supreme interests, on behalf of
Kabylian people and his Anavad (Provisional Government of Kabylia), I
would ask you to use the prerogatives that the Constitution and the laws
of French Republic give you to urgently intervene in order to terminate
this contract.
I motivate my present official request by the following considerations :

Public health, ecological and environmental considerations
The only extraction industrial techniques of these shale gases which
permit the exploitation of such deposits, with an acceptable output, are
those based on hydraulic "fracturation » and « perforation ». However,
these methods are also unanimously considered dangerous on seismic and
highly polluting on health point of view . This is the reason for which
your ex-minister of Ecology, Madam Delphine Batho, declared on July 20
2012 : "Nowhere in the world it is proved that this exploitation could
be implemented without considerable damages on the environment and with
incalculable health hazards". In fact , the potential sources of seismic
and ecological risks related to this extraction technique are numerous,
in particular the implementation of fracturation (or perforation)
fluids, made up of carcinogenic chemical products, with high degree of
toxicity. Once they reach the depths of the sea, the destruction of
these last will follow and the contamination at large scale of food
chain which will seriously threaten our populations health.

Moreover, this technique tried out in England caused, in 2011, the
first earthquakes of this island which almost has not known them at all
since 1580. And yet, you are no doubt aware that all the southern shore
of the Mediterranean sea is subject to the most dreadful seismicity of
the world. What would be the consequences, including the south of
France, if a tectonic movement is to be caused by the application of the
hydraulic perforation in the offshore of Vgayet ? it goes without
saying that the proportion of the unexpected is likely to multiply its
devastating effects.

Legal considerations
The kabylian territorial waters as well as the natural resources that it
contains are an inalienable property of the kabylian nation. As long as
the official legal statute of the kabylian entity is still not
democratically defined and confirmed through a universal suffrage by all
its citizens, it would not be by any way definitively considered as an
integral part of Algeria.

in fact, I have to bring to your attention that a serious bone of contention still remains between

Ethical considerations
On ethics point of view, I consider that these shale gas deposits that
kabylia contains, if they would be, one day, exploited, according to new
technologies protecting populations healthiness and in no way undermine
the local ecological stability and the ecosystem, should first of all
benefit the Kabylian people and not a military and murderous regime like
the one of Algiers.

In addition, your prime minister, Mr. Jean Marc Ayrault, has told in
an interview given to the daily paper « Le Parisien » 03/02/2014, that
in France « today the law forbids the shale gases exploitation». He adds
: « there is no one euro planned for a research of another technology
in the program of future investments». Also, you see me so disappointed
to know that France, for a precaution principle and for protecting her
populations and her environment, forbids herself the exploitation of
this type of fossil combustible on her own territory while she
authorizes her companies to do it in Kabylia; Wouldn’t be there another
French neocolonial attitude? Because, for ethical basic considerations,
it comes from such obviousness that what is noxious, harmful, or even
lethal for French people, it is also for kabylian people.
If the algerian colonialist regime hastens to sell off with a vengeance
the natural resources of Kabylia, it’s because of his convition that the
free Kabylia advent is not only ineluctable but it will be for very
soon as well. He is already pursuing there the scorched earth policy so
as to undermine her future. Otherwise, and this in spite of the caution
advice and the unanimous negative opinion of his own experts, how to
explain that he persists so much to carry out the irresponsible project
of shale gases exploitation in Vgayet offshore, with hydraulic
perforation, but with his malicious will, or even with racism, towards
Kabylia and the kabylian people?

Mr. President,

The contract that the Algerian government assigned to the French
company CGG-Veritas is an announced human and ecological disaster. if it
happens, you would have all the responsibilities

France has better to do than to participate in pillaging the natural
resources of defenseless peoples, like those who still haven’t a
recognized state. She will easily win to help the freedom side against
the one of dictatorships that she supported until now. She would bring
credit to herself in making the self determination right of nations like
the one of Kabylia easier. The emergence of this one on the
Mediterranean scene will never be too much to work together with France
and the Mediterranean peoples for peace, political stability as well as
for economic prosperity in the region.

The Anavad will make sure, in the coming days, to put forward a
moratorium for the international community in order that the foreign
countries and companies refrain from contacting the military-mafioso and
illegal regime of algiers concerning the exploitation of kabylian
mining resources.
With all my personal consideration

Paris on 10/03/2014
Ferhat Mehenni, president of the Anavad

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