samedi 26 avril 2014

amar amarni, tagut (fog) - English Subtitles

Publiée le 11 avr. 2014
Song Description:

This song is a commentary on the government and the continued struggle for freedom andidentity in Berber culture. It's a combination of an original song by singer Matoub Lounes,and Amar Amarni's own lyrics and sounds. The first part of the song uses Matoub's originallyrics from nearly 30 years ago, and the second part uses Amar's lyrics to show how thecurrent political situation hasn't changed with time.

Matoub's lyrics metaphorically express how the government causes all the problems for theBerbers and Algerians in general.
Amar's lyrics assert how thirty years later the people are still fightingfor the same reasons. Fighting for freedom and democracy in a country where governmentinjustice rules; a country where a dying president can run for a 4th term in office.

The complete song was recorded and mixed in Amar's home studio. All instruments andsounds were recorded there with the exception of the vocal track at the end.
Matoub Lounes was killed publicly in 1998 by terrorists, but even terrorists can be puppets ofthe government.

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